Singapore Stats

September 7, 2011


We’ve had a great time here in Singapore, we always enjoy this place – it’s clean and  safe and highly efficient and it’s beautiful to behold. We’ve learned bits and pieces about  Singapore over the years but we had such a great tour guide this morning that I thought  I’d share some incredible information about this gorgeous though tiny island nation.

Where to start…

Singapore used to be part of Malaysia but has only had it’s independence for about 46  years; apparently 46 years ago during a particularly feisty cabinet meeting of the  Malaysian parliament, the Singapore representatives were told they were no longer  wanted in the Malaysian government and they were kicked out of Malaysia and  Singapore gained it’s independence overnight.

The problem for the Singaporean people is that this tiny dot of an island was at the time  only about 500 square miles big…on a world map we’re talking less than the preverbal  dot! So the man who took charge (I can’t remember his name at the moment) decided  that the only way Singapore could survive independence was to attract foreign  investment and to work hard at a high standard Continued…

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