Warwick Castle

September 19, 2011

What a lovely day we had a Warwick Castle. It was so different to what I had expected really, the other castles we’ve visited were more serious in that they were really like preserved ‘museum-ish’ where you walked through the grounds and the buildings, observing the rooms and decor and learning about the history. Some you can take photos in and some you can’t.

Warwick Castle however is quite different in that it’s far more interactive and is really catering to families and is a lot more commercial. They had a demonstration of the trebuchet (catapult), a fabulous falconry demonstration with the most magnificent birds and the grounds are maintained beautifully. Inside you can walk through the various sections of the buildings to see the armour, the bedrooms and what the living quarters were like during various eras in the castles history.

Also, there is an enormous amount of life-like wax figures of different people throughout the centuries who lived or stayed there and there are recordings in each of the rooms that give you the history of those people and what took place there. It was really very fascinating and informative.

They also had jousting presentations and archery and there is a rampart walk that begins at the bottom of one tower and it takes you through three towers in total…once you start you can’t stop…you have to keep going. The towers themselves are very narrow and there’s about 200 stairs in total. The views are well worth the effort but by the time you’ve finished, your legs are a little jelly-ish. :-)

I think my favourite part of the day was the falconry display…but then I’m a bit of a birdy person. Here are some of my photos from my day at Warwick Castle.



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