Jurong Bird Park

September 5, 2011


One of our favourite places to visit in Singapore is Jurong Bird Park,  we’ve been there 4 times now and it never gets   old. I guess being bird  people makes a difference but there’s something quite stunning about  seeing these spectacular  creatures up close and personal. The colours,  the beauty, the variety are amazing and since we both love taking  photos, we spend a great deal of time trying to get just the right shot.

 The park itself is really well kept, it’s pristine and the gardens are well  tended, the birds are the number one priority and  it shows.

 We saw Aussie cockatoos, stunning blue and yellow parrots and vivid  red macaws, flamingos, pelicans, lorikeets,  swans and a host of other birds and the flowers and gardens were just gorgeous.

I won’t say more as I’d rather just share a few photos instead.

What do you mean you can't take me seriously!!!


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