Winging Our Way To The UK Via Singapore

September 4, 2011


We flew out of Brisbane on Monday 29 August at 2:30pm and headed for Singapore where we’ll have 3 days to catch our breath and adjust to the time change and get over the long flight. Air travel can be quite tough on the body.

Normally I cope well with the flying but I hurt my back the day before we flew out doing housework and I’ve   been in agony every since.

I was relieved beyond measure when we finally touched down in Singapore and made it to our hotel room   where I had a nice hot shower.

We’ve stayed at this same hotel about 3 times now, it’s quite an old hotel and cheaper than most but I have to say that I think it might be nice to stay elsewhere should we come back through Singapore in the future.

The rooms are ok, but I’ve noticed just how hard the beds are this time around (I guess a bad back will do that to you) and the bathrooms and decor are a bit sad.

We’ve been getting in plenty of walking, something we’ve been doing for quite a while now and something we both enjoy, but it can be draining when there’s so much humidity. It’s not necessarily ‘hot’ but the humidity here is around 90% because it’s so tropical and they’re in the middle of their autumn, so it’s not as hot as it usually can be.


We love Singapore, it has a fabulous history. I’ve read about Stamford Raffles and the East India Company and how Stamford became good friends with a Sultan who lived here and through that relationship set about making Singapore one of the jewels in the crown of the British Empire.

He built Raffles Hotel which became the hub of all business and social relationships and which is still in operation   today. We walked through it and took some photos and finished our visit with a drink and a sandwich. It was a lovely   experience but not one we’d want to do everyday as it’s quite pricey!

We spent quite a bit of time trying to find a Chinese remedial massage therapist yesterday because my back was so   incredibly bad, and it turned out that yesterday was a public holiday and most were closed, but after quite a bit of   traipsing around we did find one open and I had my back dealt with.

I cannot remember experiencing quite so much pain before. They were very good and very kind, they didn’t want to   hurt me but they couldn’t help it. They said my hips were a little out of place and the muscles were in a hard, tight ball

and so they did what they do to try to loosen them all up.


I didn’t mean to cry but the pain was unbelievable and I got mascara and makeup all over the sheet on the   bed. There was a male doctor and a female therapist and they took turns working on me. They wanted to give me   acupuncture but I said I’d give that a miss thanks!

By the time they’d finished I felt I’d been beaten up…literally! I’ve got some fabulous bruises on my back where they worked on me, and now my back is sore on the outside as well as on in the inside! haha

I’ve got tablets from them to take as well and they said I needed to go back in 3 days time. I’m thinking of going back tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) for another session but am so sore I don’t know if I could stand to have anyone even lightly touch my back…hopefully the bruising will have settled by then.

So I’m hoping the massage will be enough to help my back get back to normal asap because we have the really long flight to London on Thursday night. It’s about 13 or 14 hours and I don’t think I could stand being in so much pain while having to sit in economy class seats for that length of time.


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