Leaving’ On A Jet Plane

August 28, 2011

Well, it’s only a few hours until we jump onto our aircraft and leave the glorious Land of Oz behind us for a month. We’re heading to the UK via Singapore and we’re looking forward to catching up with family from both Ian’s and my families and we’re also going to be part of UCB Int. business as well.

We’ll have 3 days in Singapore to start with to break the trip, it’s a seriously long way to the UK and you need the break just to help deal with the jet lag and the stress on the body.

Speaking of stress to the body, while doing a load of housework yesterday I’ve hurt my lower back and I’ve been in agony ever since, so really praying I can be comfortable enough once I’m on the aircraft. I had hoped that a good night’s sleep would have fixed the problem but I’m in the same amount of pain now as I was yesterday.

Still, am trusting the Lord to sustain me regardless of the pain and discomfort.

We’re planning on a day at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, it’s our most favourite place to visit because the birds are glorious and it’s stunningly  beautiful and we happen to be bird people. We’ll hopefully have some really great photos to share with you from our time there.

We’re also planning a couple of sight-seeing tours once we’re on the ground in the UK, we both happen to love history and learning about different nations and what has transpired there in centuries past. Ian has always wanted to see Stonehenge and I really want to see the ancient Roman Baths and hopefully we’ll be able to see both this time around.

But the most important thing for us is to see our family members, or as many as we are able to in our short time there.

Okay, well keep checking in and hopefully I’ll have some regular updates for you.


M xx

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